Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Very Dotty Bird

My first attempt at drawing a LadyBird outfit didn't go too well..

Just because you can have red with black dots, and black with red dots, doesn't mean every surface should have both ;p

This design was useful though, just to help me realize I wasn't a fan of those Disney style puffball shoulders.

So we've got the majority of the outfit using red with black spot, using tiny dots. The center front panel to be either black with red spot, or sheer black with red dot.. depending on how brave the Ladybird want's to be.

The side panels & back to be made out of a stretch black fabric, with a center rear zipper. The puff ball sleeves finished in the same black.

Red/black spot stockings for the legs, easy enough to find on eBay, even with a tacky black PVC cuff at the top! Same for the black petticoat (although without the PVC).

Double set of wings, looks great, but might cause a few issues with doorways and the like..

In the end, the shoulders were enough to put me off this one.. that and the total blizzard of dots.. and the fact that it strongly started drifting toward ladybird fairy..

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