Thursday, 2 February 2012


As an alternative to the Bumble Bee look, I drew up this 50s SciFi inspired UFO costume.

Aim here was to give that round elliptical UFO shape, and to continue it up into the body.. the shoulders & torso are given a puffed out shape.

The cuffs are intended to be just flat discs, like you'd see on the end of the Ray Gun, or Tesla lightning conductors.

The arms & legs would be sheer nylon, although I never really decided on a colour scheme for the whole outfit, as it didn't get much further than this sketch.

The intent would be to ideally use something shiny and reflective, possibly in a silver or gold. Although possibly using bright clashing colours like fuchsia and lime green, with a translucent dark blue for the cuff discs.

Accessorise with a cheap plastic toy ray gun, a 60s style purse/handbag, knee high boots, and if you're into arduino's & stuff, add a ring of appropriately spaced led's around the main ellipsoid round the hips and get them to blink like its rotating..

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