Friday, 3 June 2011

Tavern Wench Harley

Well.. here we have Harley's outfit for when she's serving up beer down at the local ale house.

Peasant type puffy loose cotton top, with a corset over an almost indecently short skirt, and stockings attached to shorts via lacing.

Red / Black theme is maintained, with the crossover point occurring under the skirt, with the red/black reversing for the shorts underneath.

Corset kept simple, red one side, black on the other, with opposite contrasting piping/binding for highlights.

Lacing, eyelets and piping on the stockings & shorts reversing the red black theme on each leg to draw attention.

This costume wasn't selected, as it included a 2 tone corset that would have been hard to reuse afterward, although the lacing on the shorts/stockings was an interesting concept.

The undershorts were deliberate to compensate for the shortness of the skirt, which is more of a limited modesty wrap than anything truly functional.

Debated wrist/ankle cuffs for this outfit, (just visible still in pencil), but decided against keeping them, as it made it look all a bit too busy.

Overall, this one didn't look too complex to make up, the skirt/corset/top would all be standard pattern-able, with only the shorts/stockings needing some customization.

Although drawn with the standard headgear, its not clear if it'd work with the rest, it might be better to just go with pigtails, woven with red/black ribbon on each side.

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