Monday, 14 November 2011

Cuddly Bumble Bee!

This is Bumble Bee's soft & fuzzy look.. for not looking like a scary nasty thing with a pain causing tail ;p

Aim here was to avoid the 'sexy' Bumble Bee looks of costumes common for a Bumble Bee, and aim for something with a bit more humor.. and besides.. Bumble Bees are not Wasps.. they are sorta furry..

Fitted sheer short armed top, opera gloves, and a furry black & yellow padded torso, leading to super padded short shorts.. keeps the Bee part sorted, while the tights, and boots mean you've never gone too far from the costumes you promised to avoid ;p

This was the design selected for the Bumble Bee, although it ended up being used more as an inspiration than an actual guide..

The real costume ended up substantially more padded, the short-shorts became a padded mid thigh length skirt, the gloves vanished, and the tail never came to be..

The deeley boppers survived although not quite in the dangly look seen here, but more like the 'alert springy' ones you can find super cheap at Primark. Instead of a sheer top, it ended up with a black high necked jumper, ideal for keeping warm outside during fireworks =)

If you plan to make one of these, be careful how much padding you add, and possibly cheat & overstuff the bust & hip tubes, and gradually reduce the padding as you pass the waist, else it seems easy to end up with a 'Barrel Effect'.

This also represents the first posting where I've switched over to using the bases from Sam Hope over at ..

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