Saturday, 21 May 2011

Office Harley

Here we have Office Harley, or should that be Casino Harley? I guess it depends if she wears a top under that jacket or not.

This one has the red/black split where it's expected, a straight skirt & jacket replaces the traditional cat suit, and the collar is shrunken so as not to overpower the jacket.

It's one of the few designs that don't involve gloves, and has no head piece.

The idea is for the jacket & skirt to be business like, but for the jacket to close with about an inch of so gap down the front center. Then either to wear a white t-shirt underneath, or not, depending on how daring Harley is trying to be.

Stockings nothing new, just keeping the color scheme going as expected.

This one was just a little too plain to be made up, although if it had been, it would have been decent red/black suit type material, no satin/lycra for this design.

Those button loops on the jacket would be sewn on using stiff cording that would stand proud from the finish, to give it a slight military edge, it would be key to make sure they were stiff enough to maintain that inch gap without flexing to ruin the straight edge of the gap.

The fit for the jacket would be deliberately close, to help maintain that button cord tension.

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