Sunday, 8 May 2011

Formal Harley

So here we have "Formal Harley", the sort of thing she might wear to the evening party later on, while delicately carrying around a cube of cheese on a cocktail stick, slightly resembling a little hammer.

The Red/Black quartering is preserved from the original, the neck frills shrunk down to be like a small necklace, extra credit if this could be shiney/sparkly.

Mismatched Long Opera gloves to balance out the dress, along with mismatched stockings to preserve the overall red/black zoning.

A belt hides the horizontal transition point, and the diamonds are kept low in both the red sections, the ones near the bottom meant to be almost like a logo near the ankle.

Lastly the skirt part of the dress is long, narrow, with a decent slit up the side to keep Joker happy, and for a little mobility.

In the end this one was discarded as "not being costumey enough" ;-) Although I quite like the way this one turned out.

I'm not quite sure if I made the bottom of the dress a bit narrow, in theory the only way that slit wouldnt be open, would be if she were standing still with both legs together.. but then, Harley Quinn is hardly about being still, so there's got to be some room for movement there.

I'd probably try this one in red/black satin, or just possibly red satin/black velvet. Getting those diamonds to sit flat on the design will be tricky, might actually be easier to cut them out from the top fabric and put the black in behind.

The belt would need some loops to keep it in place to hide that transition, and possibly there'd need to be some stretch in the back panel to keep the wrinkles away from the front.

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