Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Harley Quinnatrix

So for a nice change of scene, here's Harley Quinnatrix, she wears this outfit when going to those special clubs, and when the joker has briefly captured Batman & Robin, before they escape.. again.

Especially proud of the hood for this one, coordinated red & black cyber goth style hair braids emerge from little hair tubes protruding from the top of the hood.

The neck loses the rounded ends to the points, going back a bit to becoming a bit more of a collar, with studs around it.

The red / black vertical crossover here happens only via the hood & undershirt, making this possibly the highest point of any of the Harley designs.

Shoulder straps use the double eyeletting as design and practical for the fastening behind, cuffs use them just for design features.The 3 buckle straps across the abdomen to cinch in the waist a little, and add yet more buckles to add yet more eyeletty goodness to the outfit.

Whip is optional.
The playsuit/romper-with-eyelets, was a result of attempting a design where the skirt was omitted. Without the skirt, shorts were needed, but still with a goal of covering the midriff.. This kinda lead to oversized shorts connecting to the shoulders.

This one should be made up in a heavy fabric, almost canvas or denim, it needs to say durable at a glance.

I particularly like the hood/hair combo on this one, I guess it just gives a bit more variety than the normal 2 tone lycra hood, the medusa-esque hair sorta lending itself to complimenting the whip.

In the end, this one was another that was a little too far away from the original to make it any further..

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