Sunday, 8 May 2011

Variations on a Harley Quinn

I went as 'bat-thing' to the party, so my partner had to go as something vaguely related. Poison ivy was a little revealing, Cat Woman a little too plasticky, and although leaving the Bat-Universe would offer a few more options, there was still Harley Quinn to look at.

This first design is based on the cartoon version with the quarter red/black layout, but with the addition of an alternate red/black layered skirt, and corset.

The arms/legs are intended to attach to the torso part with suspender like clips, showing a little more than the original catsuit would have, without getting too far into 'naughty'.

Cuffs & Anklet ruffles finish the look, along with the diamond pattern put on display on the top skirt.
The original Harley Quinn just being a catsuit, hood, & collar.. this version had to be expanded a little.. the skirt was required, as my partner requested something better than a straight catsuit for modesty.. the corset was supposed to be a way to compensate for the skirt being present, without going for a vertical colour split on the skirt/corset.

The clip attaching leggings/arms were well received, slight concerns over where to source the clips, but there's plenty of options there.. the original plan was for slim/flat luggage type clips (where you press each side to release) rather than the classic suspender type.

The ruffles at wrists/angles were intended to echo the skirt flare a bit, to make it feel less out of place, the same reasoning behind placing the 3 red diamond pattern onto the skirt top. With the corset, and the top, there wasn't really an ideal location to place the corresponding 3 black diamonds, but they didn't feel missed.

In the end, this version was not chosen, mainly because the choice was made to avoid the options that incorporated corsets, much of this outfits design survived through to the final design though.

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