Monday, 16 May 2011

Pearly Quinn

This is Pearly Quinn, it's Harley's Outfit for when she goes up to London, because of course, all Cockneys dress exactly like this.

We have the street urchin like soft padded floppy cap, deliberately puffed up & set slightly backwards to the side. Then there's the collar, here the traditional collar is shrunken, and set onto a black undercollar for contrast.

The arms are a wide fish/whale net, with simple elastic cuffs, and lycra triangles to take it up over the shoulder top, to connect to the base of the collar/shoulder straps.

The main dress is intended to be a comfort fit simple affair, with multiple layers of gather at the base, pulled up at the front of each leg like little nested tent awnings, soft of royal-court-marie-antoinette influenced.

Lastly knee high fishnet stockings to balance out the arms, and ankle boots with nice pantomine-esque turned down collars.

The red black split is kept central on the torso, where it would normally be, but the twin color theme is played with a little within the gathers to give it a little interest.

This one didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, originally this was to be a Marie-Antoinette inspired knee-length dress. Elements of it are still there, the gathers, the neckline etc.. but the structured boning that would normally give the heaving bosoms effect is missing, as is any sense of depth on those gathers.

I think the addition of all that netting for the arms/legs, combines with the bare knees/shoulders, drove me toward that big puffy velvet cap.. which then sorta says the rest should be in a velvetty type material too.

This one was discarded in the end, as the fish/whale net wasnt appreciated ;-)

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